Hi I'm Chad.
I’ve been a designer in the Seattle area for over a decade now, working in both the visual and UX disciplines. I’m passionate about taking complex design challenges and solving them in simple and elegant ways that delight the user and stakeholders. I’ve worked as a design lead both in the sense of being the head designer on a project, as well leading a team of designers working on multiple projects across a portfolio. I also really enjoy helping teams develop and mature their design processes so that the team’s best work can shine.
My UX work has recently focused on enterprise and e-commerce design at Costco and Microsoft. At Microsoft this meant simplifying complex B2B and B2C experiences. This work cut the time on task for creating quotes from ninety minutes to fifteen minutes, streamlined micro interactions from thirty seconds down to ten seconds, and re-imagined the experience commercial customers have with the company. At Costco my projects have involved working with the international team to increase and modernize Costco’s global e-commerce footprint and working on the newly launched complete redesign of checkout at Costco.com.

Here are some highlights from recent projects:
I worked on a multidisciplinary team as lead UX designer for a project that simplified the user onboarding process for a piece of the Microsoft Store portfolio, it resulted in a 50% drop in support calls year over year.
I recently worked as a researcher and UX designer on a complete overhaul of Costco.com's checkout process. My team and I streamlined the choices users have to make, cut down the number of steps in checkout, validated those decisions through an A/B test I designed, and crafted a responsive experience for all device sizes.

Curious about what else I've done?

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