Hi I'm Chad.

I am an experienced Seattle-based designer skilled in the full product design lifecycle. I specialize in UX design, research, visual design, and team leadership. I have helped solve complex B2B and B2C product challenges in both large corporations and dynamic startups. 
In the last few years, I've spent time working with mid-stage startup companies. Currently, I'm the Manager of Product Design at Skilljar, a company in the customer education space. I design experiences for everyone from administrators to content creators to learners and set a multi-year design vision for the company. In this role, I also lead the product design discipline working with our head of product and CTO to help define actionable design plans to meet immediate customer needs and build toward a long-term product design vision.
I also worked for several years at Zipwhip, a startup focussing on business text messaging. When I joined I worked directly with the Director of UX to redesign several high-profile features for the launch of Zipwhip 2.0 (Templates, Dynamic Fields, Auto-Replies). After the initial launch, I spent time refining the "To: Box" (the most used feature in the app) and worked with Product Managers, Engineering Architects, and Business Stakeholders to design Enterprise level role-based access control features.
Enterprise and E-Commerce 
Before I worked with startups focused on enterprise and e-commerce design at Costco and Microsoft. 
At Microsoft, this meant simplifying complex B2B and B2C experiences. This work cut the time on task for creating quotes from ninety minutes to fifteen minutes, streamlined micro-interactions from thirty seconds down to ten seconds, and re-imagined the experience commercial customers have with the company. In some cases, this work resulted in a 50% drop in support calls year over year.
While working with Microsoft my agency also tasked me to lead a team of 10 designers as we worked with our Microsoft counterparts. This meant helping assign work as well as mentoring younger designers.
At Costco my projects involved working with the international team to increase and modernize Costco’s global e-commerce footprint and working on the complete redesign of checkout at Costco.com.
Curious about what else I've done? 

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